Monday, August 5, 2013

Hidden Paradise

If you never see or hear from me again, it is because I have moved to Croatia. Two weeks ago I had no idea that Croatia even existed- much less that people actually visited there. Two nights and three full days in paradise later and I am fully convinced that Croatia is the best and most beautiful place on earth. Now let me explain the chain of events that led to a part of my heart becoming fully designated to the hidden paradise of the islands of Croatia.

This weekend, we took a trip with a company in Florence called Bus2Alps. After spending the entire month of June on a bus, my mother (and probably anyone else who has heard first hand of our second rate travel) thought that Robert and I had fully lost our minds when I told her that we voluntarily had decided to take another bus trip. However, the reality of our short time left on this amazing continent had begun to sink in, so we just decided to go for it!

We left for Croatia on Thursday night and spent the night traveling on the bus. The bus trip was not grand, but the second we set foot in the beautiful city of Split I realized what people were talking about. We stayed at the second highest rated hostel in the world, which was super neat!